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Parolee with ties to white supremacist gang could be connected to the slayings of DOC chief, pizza deliveryman

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - A white supremacist parolee from Denver could be connected to the slayings of Tom Clements, Colorado Department of Corrections chief, and a pizza deliveryman in Denver.

Thursday's car chase in Texas and shoot-out with law enforcement isn't 28-year-old Evan Ebel's first run-in with the law.  He was in and out of Colorado prisons on charges of robbery, assault, burglary and trespass.

He plead guilty to assault in Fremont County in 2008 and was sentenced to four years in the Department of Corrections.  He was serving his parole in the Denver area. Ebel's father testified in front of state lawmakers in 2011 on the impact of solitary confinement on his son.

"He'll rant a little bit. He'll stammer. He'll be frustrated that he can't find the words.  And I let him get it out, and eventually, because I'm his father, he will talk to me," said Jack Ebel.

ABC News reports Ebel left prison a member of a white supremacist gang.

Police said Ebel led law enforcement officers in Texas on a harrowing car chase pushing 100 mph Thursday.  A shootout with Texas deputies ended with police shooting him to death.

"It didn't look like he wanted to be caught or be taken alive," said Rex Hoskins with the Decatur Police Department in Texas.

Ebel's mangled car looked like the one spotted in Clements' neighborhood around the time of the slaying.  It also has Colorado license plates.

Investigators said in a press conference Friday they will not release details about evidence inside the car that could connect him to the killings.

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