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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo - Jazzmon Waites-McGhee hopes no one will have to repeat her UnitedHealthcare insurance nightmare.  She says she's spent six months trying to get help for fibromyalgia and rheumatoid arthritis, "By the end of the day I'm hunched over and limping.  I want to know if this would be different if I was getting continuity of care."

Jazzmon and her active duty husband were previously stationed at Fort Hood, Texas.  She says she didn't have any problems getting the help she needed at Fort Hood under a different provider.  In April, UnitedHealthcare took over managing health programs for the military.  Jazzmon tells me that's when the problems started for her to get the care she previously never had a problem getting, "That's all the last six months have been, stressful. I've been trying to push forward and talk to anyone who will pick up the phone and help me throughout the process."

The process for Jazzmon has included getting referred by UnitedHealthcare to providers that don't take that insurance.  She says that continues to set her back for treatment.  There's also a six month expiration for referrals and lab work.  That means she has to start the process all over again.

We called Bruce Jasurda who is the Vice President of Communications for UnitedHealthcare.   He emailed me with a response that said his staff will help expedite Jazzmon's treatment. 

We also went to Congressman Doug Lamborn's Colorado Springs office.  Dale Anderson promised me last week to personally help any UnitedHealthcare patient who is having problems with their insurance.  He is personally going to take on Jazzmon's situation and help her deal with it.

If you are having a UntiedHealthcare problem as a patient, email Dale at dale.anderson@mail.house.gov

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