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Pattern of burglaries possibly linked to armed teens

Neighbors keeping a close eye

Pattern of burglaries possibly linked to armed teens

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Police say they're investigating a pattern of daytime burglaries in Colorado Springs possibly linked to an armed group of teenagers. 

Neighbors are hearing about the series of burglaries through their neighborhood watch groups. Officers say they believe it's the same young group doing the crimes.

People in the Rockrimmon area were enjoying a warn December day on Friday (12/27/13) while keeping one thing in mind.

"Desperados are everywhere," said neighbor Richard Park.

Burglars are hitting neighborhood homes and police think they are young and may be armed.

"I don't think of most burglars as being armed and that is a little more concerning than someone breaking in and taking your stuff and leaving," said neighbor Debbie Molia. 

"We heard that one of the homes was broken into and their Christmas gifts were stolen," said Park.

Park said he wasn't surprised to hear his neighbors' houses were hit.

"Our home was broken into 18 years ago when we first moved in. I caught two intruders in my kitchen," he said.

One of the recent burglaries happened on Stone Ridge Drive, according to neighbors, but police did not provide many details because the burglaries are happening all over the city. So officers are putting the pieces together to find the suspects.

"It upsets me," said Park.

"I think it's rotten," said neighbor Aaron Keator.

Police hope neighbors' attention to detail will pay off.

"Watch what you're doing. Watch the people in your neighborhood. If you someone who doesn't belong there, let someone know," said Keator.

Police have two suspect vehicle descriptions from the Rockrimmon area:

A green Mercedes Benz (likely stolen) and a stolen white Subaru Station Wagon.

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