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Paul Ryan speaks to hundreds of supporters in the Springs

V.P. Candidate Paul Ryan Rallies in Colorado Springs

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Vice-presidential hopeful Paul Ryan made a campaign stop in Colorado Springs Wednesday, addressing hundreds of supporters at a rally in America the Beautiful Park.

"We cannot afford four more years of these failures," Ryan told the cheering crowd of several hundred.  "We need a real recovery, and that is why Mitt Romney and I are asking for your vote."

Ryan vowed to repeal President Barack Obama's healthcare plan and blasted Obama on the economy and his foreign and domestic policies.

"Look at the stimulus law. He said if he passed the stimulus, unemployment would never get above 8% in this country," said Ryan. "It's been over 8% for 43 months!"

Ryan praised his running mate, highlighting Mitt Romney's term as Massachusetts governor.

"He didn't compromise principle, unemployment went down, household income went up, the credit was upgraded and he balanced the budget without raising taxes," said Ryan.

In recent weeks, both the Romney and Obama campaigns have been hitting the ground hard in this battleground state. It's still anyone's guess if Colorado will swing red or blue in November. The most recent opinion polls show voters are split.

"Friends, you have a big responsibility," Ryan said. "You have a big opportunity. A handful of states will decide this."

Those at the rally raved about Ryan's speech. Some had waited hours for him to take the stage.

"He's a great speaker," said Mariah Saack. "He's got a lot of motivation. It's what the country needs, and we look forward to voting for him."

"I loved the speech, it was great," agreed Mariah's young son, Scott.  "He didn't stutter at all. It was fantastic."

Colorado Springs was Ryan's second campaign stop in Colorado Wednesday. He spoke at a Fort Collins manufacturing company earlier in the day.

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