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People are excitied that the biggest park in Colorado Springs is open again

Largest Colorado Springs park reopens

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - People have been waiting three months for Colorado Springs' oldest park to open again.

North Cheyenne Canon Park was closed due to flood damage, but the City of Colorado Springs repaired it for about $235,000 and is hoping FEMA will reimburse most of the cost for the construction.

Visitors to the park said they were sad to see the park close.

"It was kind of disheartening," said Jerry Betances, who visited the park.

"It was sad because you don't realize what you take for granted, I was up at the canyon two to three times a week when it was opened," said Lori Passarelli, who visited the park.

But when the park opened again, the people started pouring in.

"I have been looking forward to this (day) since I heard it was going to reopen," Passarelli said.

Not only were the people happy, but their pets were too.

"The best part is my big dog gets to come out and play. We are just enjoying the day," Betances said.

Even though construction has stopped for today, Colorado Springs Operation Manager Cathy Railton said there is more work to do.

"There can be some improvements on the edges of the trails. I know Captain Jack's (trail) will eventually (open), work will start on that again and some of those (trails) leading up to the forest.," Railton said.

 If you would like to help maintain the trails in the park, you can donate to the Friends of Cheyenne Canon Group. You can click on the Hot Button for more information under our Big Stories section

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