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People are "pet flipping" to make a quick buck

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Some people are turning dogs into cash cows.  Its called dog flipping and it doesn't have anything to do with tossing a dog in the air.  Scammers steal, adopt or are given a pet for free, then turn around and sell it online to make a quick profit.

Megan Olhava says she believe a dog she gave away on Craigslist was "flipped."

"About an hour later and I saw an ad on there saying she had an American Terrier Pit bull that was up for sale for 50 dollars," Olhava said. 

Olhava says she was trying to give the dog to a good home after her family moved to a place that didn't allow pets.

"I think she just wanted the money," Olhava said.

Paula Watkins with the National Mill Dog Rescue says she can't believe animals are being treated like things.

"Flip a house, flip a car but not something that's living, breathing and has feelings," Watkins said.

Law enforcement says it is a crime to knowingly take a dog that isn't yours, but not if it is given away.

"Be careful, investigate the home, ask to see it, just be very careful who you give your animals too," Olhava said.

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