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People gather in Victor to save historic Miner's Union Hall

Victor fire fundraiser

VICTOR, Colo. - People in Victor are trying to save a crown jewel in the middle of a mining city. They're raising money to save the historic Miner's Union Hall, but they may have to find a gold mine to save it.

A fire last week consumed the building. A collapsed roof moved the brick walls out, making it unstable.

City Administrator Deb Downs said it will cost about $2 million to fix the building.

The city still has to find a contractor to fix the building, but it will be up to the building's owner to either demolish or save the historic site.

Owner Barbara McMillan said tearing down the building is not an option.

"This building has gone through so much history, it just stands," she said.

Almost $1,000 was made on the first day of fundraising. McMillan said the support is overwhelming.

"It's about the building, but my heart and soul are in this building," she said.

Mark Perdew and his soccer players visited the Union Hall the day it was on fire.

He said the memories of the fire are scary.

"Actually, I still think about it and think those were my kids in there as the fire was going," Perdew said.

His team gave money to help save the building.

More than a million gallons of water was used to put out the fire at the Union Hall.

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