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People in Manitou Springs optimistic going into flood and tourism season

MANITOU SPRINGS, Colo. - Tourism season is here for Manitou Springs, but the fear of flooding still lingers.

The Manitou Springs Colorado Wine Festival is one of the biggest events for the city.

Leslie Lewis is the executive director of the Manitou Springs Chamber of Commerce. She said the festival funds other events the city will be hosting for the year.

Lewis also said the event brings a big crowd.

"It does get people off Highway 24 and in to town and there is a lot of people from out of state who come to the event," she said.

Even though people in Manitou Springs are happy visitors are coming in, they are keeping an eye out for flooding.

Tracy Fagner owns D'Vine Wines in Manitou Springs. She said the weather is always a concern, but that won't stop her from doing business.

"We have to work through it, keep going and take care of our customers," she said.

The Manitou Springs government has put in more than $5 million for flood projects in Fountain Creek and Williams Canyon in order to protect the city from major flood damage.

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