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Pepper sprayed teen speaks out

Pepper sprayed teen speaks out

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - How far would you go if your young  son was bullied?

13-year-old Haven Poynor says he was pepper sprayed in the face by an angry father.

"I opened my eyes and screamed sorry and then he did it again where I couldn't even open my eyes," Poynor said.

Poynor says he and friends were hanging out at the playground in the Enfield Apartments. As they were leaving another boy who they didn't know said something to Poynor.

"We walked by and under his breath he called me a fag and we were like what!?  So we pushed him," Poynor said.

Around a block and a half away, the Horace Mann Middle School student says a gold car pulled up and a man and a woman got out screaming obscenities about punching and kicking their son.

"I just couldn't imagine ever getting so mad at another child that I would do something that could possibly permanently damage them," said Sheila Townley, Haven's mother.

"It would have been better if I didn't push him and just walked away, but it's not like I was punching him or calling him bad names," Poyner said.

Townley says nothing justifies the other parent's behavior.

"He could have blinded him, it's terrifying!" Townley said.

Police describe the man they're looking for as a Hispanic male, in his 40's, very heavy build, with a shaved head. 

Poyner says he was given a photo lineup to try and pick out the suspect.

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