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Persistent drought turns spotlight on saving water

Persistent drought turns spotlight on saving water

Colorado Springs Utilities is anticipating Stage II Restrictions beginning April 1.  That means watering will be allowed only twice per week.

With the lack of water and renewed focus on conservation, consumers are encouraged to limit their usage using a number of water-saving tricks.

Ann Seymour, water conservation manager with Colorado Springs Utilities, said upgrading appliances can save hundreds of dollars and thousands of gallons of water per year.

Seymour explained that upgrading washing machines can save between 10 and 30 gallons of water per load of laundry.  She advises only using the washing machine on full loads.

Another option for those looking to conserve water is to upgrade faucets and shower heads to those with a "WaterSense" label, indicating they are more water-efficient.

Seymour said that with every gallon of water conserved, money is being saved as well.  According to CSU, over $100 can be saved per year by upgrading to the "WaterSense" shower head. 

Seymour said 42 percent of water used by households is used on landscapes.  She suggests looking into using native grasses and plants that require less water to survive.

Those with questions about Xeriscaping, or landscaping with materials that use minimal water, can find more information at the Conservation and Environmental Center located at 2855 Mesa Road in Colorado Springs.

For more water-saving tips and tricks, click here.

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