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Pet Alert: Dog gets high while walking with owner

Dog poisoned by THC in Colorado Springs

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - An afternoon dog walk turned into a massive vet bill - all because of pot.

Taunya Bunte took her dog "Max" for a walk along a Colorado Springs trail Saturday.

She said he dipped his head into the tall grass and came out chewing on something.
She didn't think anything of it until two hours later when he started twitching, he couldn't walk, stand or control his bladder.

She rushed him to the veterinarian and found out that "Max" had a toxic dose of THC in his system

"So I had a whole lot of questions and I wanted to know, did he eat a plant? She said 'no, not with the levels in his system. It was probably an edible,'"Bunte said.

You can still see where "Max" was shaved for a heart monitor and IV.  She was told he probably would not have survived if he didn't weigh 100 pounds.

The vet bill was a whopping $1,600.

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