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Peyton General Store closing causes minor setback for residents

PEYTON, Colo. - Peyton residents hoping to prepare for the blizzard Sunday morning were caught off guard when they discovered the General Store was closed.

Several people were parked in the store's lot, waiting for the owner or employees. Customers said they planned on buying food and other things to keep at home during the storm. They drove in early to avoid worse conditions later in the day.

But well past opening hours, the store remained closed. Customers said considering the weather, they understood.

"(The owner) could be buried at home, can't even get out of the driveway," Elmer Follew said.

Follew and other customers may not have been able to get the things they needed before the snowstorm. But they weren't complaining about the weather.

"This is just a little hassle, it'll be gone tomorrow," Bob Snyder said.

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