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Peyton rescue organization saves 10,000th dog

Group returns Sunday to celebrate milestone

En Route to 10K Rescues

PEYTON, Colo. - National Mill Dog Rescue, an organization based in Peyton, will celebrate its 10,000th rescue this weekend. The group is traveling back from Missouri with Rose,  for the rescue mission. They picked up Rose, a 7-year-old beagle, at a puppy mill there.

One dog is the inspiration for National Mill Dog Rescue, and is the reason thousands are being saved.

Lily was an Italian Greyhound rescued in 2007 by Theresa Strader, the founder of National Mill Dog Rescue. Lily was missing her lower jaw from years of neglect and little to no veterinarian care. Strader says, "Every dog we rescue is to honor the memory of Lily. Every single one."

Strader found Lily cowering in a cage at an auction in Missouri, and says she made a promise that day.

"The day I rescued her, I said, 'You're going to come to mean something. Your life and your suffering is going to mean something', and I didn't even know what that meant to be honest with you."

It meant freedom for discarded dogs that were no longer useful in a commercial breeding environment, which are often referred to as "puppy mills".

National Mill Dog Rescue offers those dogs a new beginning. Strader says, "These dogs come from a virtual hell, really. The resilience and the forgiveness that they have, God, I've learned so much from dogs. I wish we, as humans, had that same amount of forgiveness. I really do,"

There is an open house at National Mill Dog Rescue on Sunday to celebrate the milestone.

Here is the link where you can register to attend. It has information about the event and a map to the facility in Peyton.

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