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Pikes Peak Chapter ready to help in West, Texas

Red Cross Disaster Relief ready to jump in

SoCo Disaster Relief help waiting for the call to West, TX

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo - There's a blanket of snow on top of number 3083.  It's a Red Cross Emergency Response vehicle that could be ready to roll at a moments notice from the Pikes Peak Chapter of the Red Cross.  The small community of West in the Waco Texas area  Thomas Gonzalez showed me around,  inside this emergency vehicle.  It can be used to help thousands with food and handing out cleanup kits to help with damages to homes or other property.  This rolling disaster relief was used in the Waldo Canyon and Wetmore wildfires.     

Gonzalez reminded me of the flood of people from coast to coast who dropped everything to be in Southern Colorado and help us when we dealt with last Summer's deadly Waldo Canyon Wildfire.   He said we shouldn't forget that helping hand from all over the country including Texas.   Gonzalez also said, "The one thing that they asked is that when it's our time our expectation is that you will be there for our community.  We are prepared to go at a moment's notice to help them out in many ways.  It's repayment to the kindness they gave our community."

I'll keep checking to see if and when a Southern Colorado contingent of Red Cross Disaster Relief teams will be heading to the Waco area.  So far only one Red Cross worker from Colorado is in West.  That person is from the Denver area.

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