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Pikes Peak Council preparing for the possible worst

Scout program possibly affected

Pikes Peak Council preparing for the possible worst

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo - The Boy Scouts motto of "Be Prepared" is perfectly timed for a battle with its insurance carrier.  The Pikes Peak Council of Boy Scouts just got the bad news about how much its insurance won't cover because of lost revenue during the Camp Alexander evacuation this past summer.  The camp had to close down early because of the Springer Fire near Lake George. 

Boy Scouts Executive, Kent Downing told me the argument is over who is essential staff at Camp Alexander.   Downing says, "From our perspective, our seasonal employees and every single one of them is essential.  We'll continue to go back and forth and continue to negotiate with insurance and provide additional information to back up our claim."

Downing is nervous about so much money in 2012 that won't be recouped just as his budget is being prepared for 2013.  He said it's possible that one to two staffers would have to be cut, "For a smaller staff like ours, that could be very significant. We don't have a lot of paid staff."   Downing is nervous about any cuts and how they could affect Boy Scouts in our area, "Maybe not open the service center as long as before.  Not offer the day camp we were previously offering.  Also, limit the trainings of adult leaders because we don't have the staff to support it."

Downing isn't giving up to push his case to the insurance company.  He also is a realist and the clock is ticking to handle this kind of big loss.  Downing says, "By the end of December, our plan is to have some type of settlement or consider what our other options might be."  

The Pikes Peak Council of Boy Scouts has set up a Fire Relief Fund.  I've put a link to it on our front page under Links We Mentioned.

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