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Pillow fight for the troops

Pillow fight for the troops

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Tom Torres founded "Forward Operating Base Colorado," a non-profit, to take wounded and active duty military personnel on therapeutic outdoor adventures.

Recently though, friends at Ft. Carson asked if he could get his hands on pillows.  Torres was able to find 675 pillows; the problem was the pillows were in Yellowstone National Park that has been shutdown all month.

"Sure enough, the gates were locked and two guards, armed guards were standing out front and I understand they were doing their job but nothing was going to stop me," Torres said.

He says stubbornness combined with guilt eventually convinced the guards to turn the other way and let Torres drive into the park to pick up the pillows.

"It was just me and the buffaloes," Torres said.

The pillows were donated by a contractor that manages the lodges inside the park.  Torres says each pillow is worth around $4-6 dollars and he was able to fill up a 12x8x8 trailer.

"I know soldiers coming back from war over the next 2-3 weeks are going to be sleeping comfortable because of this," Torres said.

The pillows will be given to troops returning home to the mountain post.

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