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Pipeline tied to natural gas production passing through El Paso County

Company Holds Open House On Expected Pipeline Near Calhan

CALHAN, Colo. - Many in Calhan seem OK with a new pipeline expected to begin construction in the next three months.

Front Range Pipelines LLC shared its plans with the public Thursday night. There were no contentious moments with the public and no protestors present.

The pipeline, which will be built about 20 miles east of Calhan, is set to carry natural gas byproducts such as butane and natural gasoline from Weld County to an oil and gas hub in Texas more than 400 miles away.

Most of the pipeline will pass through private land and agreements have already been worked out with landowners.

Other positive factors include more tax revenue for each county that the pipeline passes through and approximately 2,000 construction jobs that will be created.

Some at the open house are concerned about where the byproducts are coming from. Dariel Blackburn said Thursday's meeting was the first she'd heard of the pipeline, even though construction is set to begin sometime this Spring.

"Are the people of the U.S. going to see more sustainable energy because of this hydraulic fracturing in Weld County?" Blackburn wondered.

Blackburn would like to see the pipeline help Americans and not oil company profits.

"Are we pulling this out of the ground and  destroying aquifers and destroying millions and billions of gallons of water that are contaminated with fracking fluids simply to see the oil companies make a lot of money by selling it overseas?" asked Blackburn.

A spokesman for Front Range Pipeline LLC referred all questions about the project, including what kind of impact construction will have on Highway 24 traffic, to a media specialist in Houston, Texas. That specialist has yet to respond.

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