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Planning for what's next, post-flooding

Damage assessments for flooded properties

Damage assessments for flooded properties

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo - Experts with Pikes Peak Regional Building Department have a long road ahead to finish damage assessments for homeowners who were in the path of recent flooding.  Blake Nunnelley heads up the team to look over 85 properties that have been identified.  I caught up with him at a home on Scott Street that was first on the list. 

He is looking for structural damage like walls or roofs haven't caved in or extreme damage to the foundation of a home.  Nunnelley told me, "I've lived here for 30 years and I remember the heavy rains in 1999.  This is the most rain and water damage I've collectively seen since that time.   It's heartbreaking to see this.  It's sad."

Nunnelley determined that the only concern of this home on Scott Street is where the homeowner put dirt in a hole in the foundation to plug it up after the flooding.  A structural engineer will have to come in and assess that particular damage.

Mark and Cheryl Guthrie own this home on Scott Street. Cheryl told me, "We're very grateful for Pikes Peak Regional building and grateful we didn't have as much damage as our neighbors did.  We're very sorry for their damage."  Mark Guthrie put the whole situation for him and his neighbors in perspective, "I'm sure people want to fix things right away.  I understand that this is not going to happen overnight.  We're going to reclaim this a shovel at a time."

The damage assessment of the 85 properties on the list should be completed by the end of the week.  After that, the homeowners can access the information so they can have more knowledge to be able to discuss the future of their properties with building experts and insurance companies.

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