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Poles show possibly raising road entrance to Garden of the Gods

City of Colorado Springs has several proposals for flood prevention near the Camp Creek Drainage Corridor.

Garden of the Gods flood project proposals

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - The City of Colorado Springs is considering several options to alleviate flood problems near the entrance of Garden of the Gods.

One of those proposals is to raise Gateway Road about 15 feet higher to create a drainage system. The plan would also include building a retention pond on the north side of the park.

In order to show residents and visitors what the raised road would look like, the city put white poles with orange flags tied to the top along the entrance to Garden of the Gods. Last year's flash floods caused flooding, erosion and sediment issues. The city said raising the road and building a retention pond could solve the problem.

"It would change the appearance completely, but if it's for a good benefit, then I think it would be okay," said park user Francis Toften.

"I think that it could be safer for the flooding and it might allow better access to the park," said park user Jose Gonzalez.

However, not everyone is on board with the proposed plan.

"I think they should just leave it the way it is. This is a natural habitat and everything is already developed. I mean adding more to it is just going to take away from its natural beauty," said Deony Gonzalez.

Still, park users say something has to be done.

"Since we've had the Waldo Canyon Fire and the erosion that causes flash floods, I think it might be advisable because that are won't repair itself for probably a decade and we'll probably continue to have flash floods," said Toften.

The improvements could cost $10-$40 million. The city plans on applying for federal grants to pay for part of it.

"You would have to weigh the cost against the benefit," said Toften.

There will be a public input meeting on Tuesday Feb. 25 at 6 p.m. at Coronado High School in Colorado Springs.

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