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Police capture white supremacist gang member wanted for questioning in Evan Ebel's investigation

Law Enforcement still looking for second person of interest in case

Police capture white supremacist gang member

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Colorado Springs police and the El Paso County Sheriff's Office have confirmed that a wanted member of the white supremacist gang was captured early Friday morning. 

CSPD arrested James Lohr (pictured on the right) around 3 a.m. in the 200 block of Cedar Street.  He was booked at the El Paso County Criminal Justice Center. 

Police were trying to pull Lohr over at the intersection Hancock Avenue and Bijou Street. Police officers at the intersection said Lohr didn't stop.  He took off running. Police captured Lohr about half a mile away in the 200 block of Cedar Street. 

Investigators said Lohr was not a suspect, but he was a person of interest in their investigation in Evan Ebel. Ebel was the Denver parolee that is believed to have killed Department of Corrections prison chief Tom Clements and Nathan Leon. Ebel died in a shootout with law enforcement in March. 

The DOC and El Paso County had been on the lookout for Lohr and Thomas Goulee. The two men are members of the 211 Crew, the same white supremacist gang Ebel joined in prison.  It's believed the two men were in contact with Ebel 24-36 hours before Clements' slaying.  Goulee (pictured on the left) is still wanted.

They're named as persons of interest because their names continue surfacing in Ebel's investigation.

"We have some information that they are some way linked. Again, their names have surfaced. We want to be able to clarify for ourselves what the involvement may or may not have been. Those details are shady to us as well," said Lt. Jeff Kramer with the El Paso County Sheriff's Office.

Investigators are not releasing much information about the two gang members.

"We aren't speaking to what their association is specifically at this time, keeping that information close to the vest just for the integrity of the investigation," said Kramer.

A warning issued to law enforcement Wednesday evening described Lohr and Goulee as armed and dangerous. It's not their first run-in with the law.  Both men have served time in prison on several charges.

Lohr was booked in El Paso County Criminal Justice center for vehicular eluding, several traffic offenses and three outstanding warrants unrelated to this investigation.

KRDO is working to get more information from the Sheriff's Office and will bring you the latest information on KRDO.com and NewsChannel 13.

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