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Police chase victims face new troubles

Police Chase Victim Update

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Owners of the car that got caught up in a police chase in September face new troubles.

Police were chasing the suspect of several robberies on Sept. 19, when the suspect ran his pickup truck into an apartment complex on Murray Blvd., went over a parked car, and ran into a fence. He later died in the hospital.

Meanwhile, the owners of the parked car said they are in a challenging situation. Ryan Hatch said he'd had the car for less than a month before the accident.

"I purchased the car for my family, for my wife and two kids," he said. "And unfortunately now the vehicle is no longer drivable, and I don't have a way for my family to get around."

And Hatch's family just expanded. His wife was expected to give birth Oct. 3. But the stress of the accident caused her to go into labor that same day.

"Finally, when we thought the day was coming to an end, and we had eaten dinner, she looked over at me and said ‘something isn't right, we need to get to the doctor now.'"

Despite the stress and a complicated C-section, Hatch said the baby is doing fine. But their troubles aren't over. Hatch is unemployed, and with no way to pay rent, they need to move out of their apartment.

"My family and I live paycheck to paycheck, so times are tough," Hatch said. "We're doing what we can to get by."

Hatch said he's now starting over. He's scheduled to get his degree from College America by the end of this year, and in the meantime he's looking for work in manufacturing.

As for the car, he hopes relatives of the pickup driver, Benjamin Corson, will come forward and release insurance information.

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