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Police cite people for public pot use

Police cite people for public pot use

Police cite people for public pot use - Colorado Springs Police said Tuesday its officers have cited three people for public pot use since recreational marijuana shops opened Jan. 1.

The number of citations in Colorado Springs is less than Denver -- Denver Police Chief Robert White said Monday its officers have cited about one person per day for public recreational pot use from Jan. 1 to Jan. 11.

Pueblo police said its officers have not issued any citations during that same period.

Under Amendment 64, people over 21 can have one ounce of recreational marijuana and up to six plants. The rules about where people can legally use recreational marijuana are hazy.

Many people were unsure Tuesday of where it could be used legally.

"Outside, only in Colorado?" said David Lucas.

"They are allowed to smoke pretty much anywhere they want to outside," said Jason E. Harper.

"Manitou?" said Trevor Brinkley.

The rules vary depending on where you live. Colorado Springs City Code 9.7.207 prohibits recreational marijuana use in public places and cars. The city code does not address private property, and therefore does not prohibit its use in yards or on porches.

In Pueblo, people over 21 can only use recreational marijuana in homes. It is not allowed to be used in porches or yards.

"I walked up on some guy, he was getting a ticket for smoking (in public)," said Robert Zacker.

Colorado Springs City Council will discuss prohibition of recreational marijuana in public buildings and the Colorado Springs Airport at its meeting Jan. 28.


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