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Police, fire department additions expected in 2013

Mayor, City Council Hope For Public Safety Additions In 2013

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - City of Colorado Springs elected leaders hope to add several public safety jobs in the next budget year.

Mayor Steve Bach's 2013 budget plan includes hiring police officers and fire fighters. Department heads went over their budget plans Thursday with City Council.

"We're getting back dollar-wise to where we were four or five years ago but obviously we're less if you figure inflation and we're less if you figure in per-capita so I don't want to give the impression this is clear sailing," said Scott Hente, City Council president.

The revenue rebound comes after several lean years in which budget constraints had City Council considering reducing ranks in the fire and police departments. Even without the cuts, both departments have lost personnel through attrition.

Hente says though it's an improvement the city is still playing catch up.

"The city still has severe revenue constraints placed upon it and has a very austere budget," said Hente. "You see some small improvements but those improvements, I believe, they still have a ways to go to bring us up to where we should be."

Both the police and fire department plan to hold academies for new hires.

In the case of the fire department, the new hires will allow them to open Fire Station 21 next year at Dublin Boulevard and Peterson Road.

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