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Police: Officers rescue woman held hostage in Pueblo home

PUEBLO, Colo. - The Pueblo Police Department says two of its officers saved a woman who was being held hostage inside of a home.

It happened on Tuesday, August 20, 2013, in the 1000 block of Craig Street.

According to officers, Chad Bruce, 37, was not allowing his unidentified girlfriend to leave the house.

Cpl. Bill Doyle and Sergeant Dan Ingraham were first on scene. They say they could hear arguing inside when they arrived. The officers knocked on the door and the arguing stopped.

The officers then tried calling the house. They say the woman answered and said she would come to the door, but she never did.

Soon after, the officers began walking around the house. At one corner of the house they heard what sounded like a muffled voice trying to call out.

Cpl. Doyle and Sergeant Ingraham decided they needed to go in. They had to move a large sofa, break through a barricaded door, and get past Bruce who the officers say was trying to keep them out of the room he was holed up in.

Once inside the room, the officers say they found Bruce, and a distraught and bruised woman lying on the bed.

Bruce was arrested after a brief struggle.

The woman told officers that Bruce refused to let her leave the house Tuesday morning and that when officers arrived; he threatened to kill her if she cried out or tried to open the door.

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