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Police officers, security guards out in full force at Pueblo's Bands in the Backyard

Pueblo Bands in the Backyard

Pueblo, Colo. - More than 10,000 country music fans descended on Pueblo this afternoon for the second annual "Bands in the Backyard."

With a large number of spectators, lots of alcohol and legal marijuana, officers say they're ready to reign in the lawbreakers and keep things safe.

"We want people to come and go from this event in a safe fashion," Chief Charlene Graham with the Pueblo County Sheriff's Office said. "We have more barricades and cones up. It's really a much better, smooth flowing event than it was last year."

A few concert goers shelled out a few hundred bucks to watch the concert from the back of a truck. But, most of the concert goers sat or stood on the grass. Country music fan Ryan Sewitzky says he welcomes more security this year. "It's always good to have law enforcement around to keep people on their toes," Sewitzky said.

"Bands in the Backyard" continues until 11:30 p.m. Saturday.

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