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Police respond to speeding on west Colorado Springs road

Neighbors complain about Lower Gold Camp Road

Speeding on Lower Gold Camp Road A Concern

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Colorado Springs police are concerned about reports of speeding along a road commonly used by bicyclists.

Neighbors have complained about safety on Lower Gold Camp Road between 21st and 26th streets on the city's southwest side.  The road is largely isolated except for retirement homes on the north side.

James Walpole, who lives at the intersection of 26th and Lower Gold Camp, said speeding has been a problem since he bought his home in 2006.

"I fear for the lives of those bikers," he said.  "One of these days a guy's going to go through the stop sign and hit one of them."

Moments after saying that, a car did run a stop sign at the intersection.

One biker told KRDO NewsChannel 13 that he hadn't noticed speeding on the road and wasn't worried about it.

Police Cmdr. Pat Rigdon said the department will investigate whether many of the speeders are test-driving cars from nearby Motor City dealerships.

"Maybe we can look into contacting some of the dealerships and ask them for some assistance," he said.

Rigdon said police will work with neighbors to determine which times of day speeding is most common.

"We have to use resources wisely," he said.  "We can't place officers on every street all day.  Once we know the times of day, we can put some cars out there or maybe even get our motorcycle unit involved."

Rigdon said radar speed monitors -- machines that compare your speed to the posted limit -- could discourage speeding on the road.

"But we only have two of them," he said.  "They're expensive and there's a huge demand for them.  We also have to think about placing them where they won't be vandalized."

Walpole is glad police are responding to the problem.

"I hope it works," he said.

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