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Police search for men linked to series of crimes

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Colorado Springs Police are trying to track down two men who they say could be linked to a series of crimes all across the city.

Antonio Washington and Windell Moss are considered armed and dangerous by police.

The following information was provided by the Colorado Springs Police Department in a news release:

On July 8, 2013 at about 5:00PM, two brothers (ages 19 and 17) were playing basketball with three young men they did not know, at Deerfield Hills Park near Drennan Road and Hancock Expressway, when one of the unknown males pulled a stun gun and ‘tased' the older brother. When he fell to the ground, the suspect punched him several times and stole his wallet. The younger brother tried to assist his brother, but he was punched by a second suspect, who also prevented him from running for help. The young black male suspects left the area in a white Jeep SUV. The victims drove around that evening looking for the car and spotted it in the area. They provided this information to detectives, and when the correct license plate was later determined, an ATL (Attempt to Locate) for that plate was entered into the CSPD computer database. The vehicle was registered to Boquan Finley, 19. Having no permanent address, Finley was not immediately located.

On July 11, 2013 at about 2:00PM, a man was accosted in his home in the Peregrine area, in the extreme northwest sector of Colorado Springs. He was threatened at gunpoint by three young black males, who robbed him of numerous valuables. The victim could only provide very limited descriptions of the suspects, as their faces were partially covered. No suspect vehicle was reported seen by the residents in that area. The suspects' methods of operation in these cases were vastly different, so at that time, there was no information which would connect these two cases.

On July 15, 2013 at about 12:30AM, a CSPD officer from the Stetson Hills Division initiated a traffic stop on a white SUV, near Palmer Park Blvd. and Academy Blvd. The vehicle would turn out to be the same one involved in the personal robbery at Deerfield Hills Park. The driver of the vehicle attempted to elude officers by driving erratically at a high rate of speed. The SUV crashed near the intersection of Portal Dr. and Academy Blvd., just east of the Citadel Mall. All three suspects bailed from the car and ran from officers. As the primary officer pursued two of the men on foot toward the north of the crash location, he could hear what he believed to be gunshots. He could not tell where they came from or where they struck, but it appeared the third suspect was probably firing a weapon. Eventually, one individual, Boquan Finley, was tracked down by members of the CSPD K-9 Unit and apprehended on a rooftop near St. Vrain St. and Delaware Dr. He was in possession of a handgun, which was stolen during the home invasion in Peregrine on July 11. The other two suspects were not found that night; there was little more than a vague description of each at the time and nothing in the car to identify them.

Eleven empty bullet casings were found in front of a book store, just to the south of the officer's location when he heard them. It was dark and raining when this occurred, so at that time, it was undetermined where the projectiles might have struck. A search of the abandoned suspect vehicle resulted in the recovery of two more handguns. One of these guns was also stolen during the home invasion. The other was taken during the commission of a storage unit burglary on Motor City Drive in late June, 2013.

Robbery Detectives returned to the area during daylight hours and were able to determine that several of the bullets struck a concrete block retaining wall between where the casings were recovered and where the officer was when he chased two of the men, indicating the third suspect was in fact, attempting to fire at the officer.

With the very limited descriptions of the suspects who got away on the 11th, Robbery investigators identified two possible suspects. The victims from the personal robbery on July 8 were able to identify both individuals, Brandon Moss and Antonio Washington. Further follow-up led investigators to a house at 923 Baltic St. A search warrant was obtained, but neither of the men was inside the house. Another stolen gun from the storage burglary was recovered inside the home. Arrest warrants have now been obtained for both of these individuals, for Aggravated Robbery ($250,000 bond). The investigation is continuing, with additional charges expected for the Attempted First Degree Murder of a Police Officer.

Police ask you to call 911 if you see either of these men.

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