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Police searching for two young people in connection to elementary school vandalism

PUEBLO, Colo. - Ben Franklin Elementary School in Pueblo was closed Tuesday (5/20/14) because of damage caused by vandals.

A Pueblo City Schools spokesperson said a fire extinguisher went off, got airborne and did minor damage at the school. Kids walked through the mess and made it worse.

Police say the fire extinguisher was sprayed in several classrooms and the hallway. They say a window was broken, and a small refrigerator and projector were stolen.

The school closed for the day so that the mess could be cleaned up.

Police believe two young males are responsible for the damage based on surveillance video that was captured inside the school.

The first is described as 5`7"-5`9" tall, 16-24 years old and about 150-180 pounds. He was wearing a white hoodie with a darker colored vest over it. On the back of the vest was what appeared to be a "Captain America" logo.

The second male was 5`6"-5`9" tall with a thin build. He was wearing a long sleeve shirt, a ball cap and dark shorts. He appeared to be 13-16 years old.

Call Pueblo Police at 719-553-2502 or Pueblo Crime Stoppers at 719-542-STOP (7867) if you have any information.

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