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Police: Shoplifting suspect shoots gun at Safeway employee

3 teens arrested after pursuit, search in midtown Colorado Springs

Shoplifting Suspect Shoots Gun at Safeway Employee

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - A juvenile who previously shoplifted at a Colorado Springs grocery store returned to the same store Tuesday and was caught after firing a gun at a store employee, police said.

Several employees at Safeway near Circle Drive and Galley Road said they recognized the 17-year-old male suspect from a previous shoplifting incident and were going to confront him in the parking lot about shoplifting again on Tuesday.

"He turned around, took out a handgun and fired a shot into the direction of (an) employee," said Lt. Catherine Buckley of the Police Department.

Buckley said no one was hurt and it's unclear if the bullet hit the store building.

A release issued later by police stated that employees were confronting three juveniles about trespassing when the shot was fired.

Buckley said the teens ran south across Galley and hid in an apartment at Courtyard De Cortez.  A neighbor said the two teens who were with the shooting suspect live at the apartment.

"That's hard for me to believe," said Renee Kraus, the neighbor.  "I see those boys every day.  They're always polite and interacting with other neighbors and kids, and it just doesn't make sense.  The third person, I don't know who that is."

Police arrested the teens but didn't immediately find the gun.  Officers searched a grassy area between the store and the apartment complex.

The shooting suspect, police said, will be charged with attempted murder while the other two teens face a felony charge of being an accessory to the crime.

The teens are in custody at the Spring Creek Youth Detention Facility.

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