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Political rallies cost Pueblo thousands

The candidates' visits cost Pueblo thousands.

Pueblo, CO - The race to the White House is over. The presidential candidates spent millions trying to get elected, but they aren't the only ones who spent money on this year's election.

The candidates' visits cost Pueblo thousands.

The police department had to pay thousands of dollars for things like barricades and overtime for officers.

Thousands of people rallied around them when they stopped in Pueblo. For Pueblo it was more than a political rally, it was a huge expense.

"None of that money was budgeted. This is all money we had to react to with every candidate that came to Pueblo," said Pueblo Police Chief Luis Velez.

The overall cost for the police department was more than $37,000.

It's no surprise the president's visit cost the most.

"That one cost $25,000," said Velez.

The vice president's visit came in second with a little more than $10,000.

"The majority of the cost was overtime cost," said Velez.

If the candidates did not stop in Pueblo, the money would have gone elsewhere.

"That money would have gone to traffic enforcement or putting officers on school events," said Velez.

Now that's its all over, Chief Velez can breathe a sigh of relief.

"We're much happier when they leave the city than we are when they get here," said Velez.

Our partners at the Pueblo Chieftain have more on this story, including what it cost the Pueblo County Sheriff's Office. 

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