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Pope Francis against recreational marijuana

Pope Francis against recreational marijuana

PUEBLO, Colo. - The Holy Father has a message for you: Don't do recreational drugs, including marijuana.

Pope Francis shared this to people at a drug enforcement conference in Rome today.

The pope said the legalization of recreational drugs " are not only highly questionable from a legislative standpoint, but they fail to produce the desired effects."

The pope also said providing addicts with drugs offers only "a veiled means of surrendering to the phenomenon."

It's a message that has Pueblo City Council split. Council members will be voting on the sale of recreational marijuana on June 23.

Councilwoman Ami Nawrocki said she respects the pope's stance on recreational drug use, but she doesn't agree with it, at least for marijuana.

"Illegalization, the only thing it does is line the pockets of criminals," she said.

Nawrocki also said marijuana can help Pueblo.

"By legalizing it, taxing it, and regulating it, municipalities and governments could use that money to benefit the community at-large," she said.

The pope said the problem of drug use is not solved with drugs.

He has described drug addiction as evil and met addicts on several occasions. When he was archbishop of Buenos Aires, he devoted much of his time to addicts.

Councilwoman Eva Montoya agrees with the pope's stance.

She said legalizing recreational marijuana will ruin Pueblo.

"I saw these issues kids would come in with, parents smoking in cars and at home, parents, relatives, whoever and kids would reek of that stuff," she said.

The use of recreational marijuana is legalized in Colorado and Washington.




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