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Post Office tips and deadlines for holiday mailing

Don't procrastinate and be patient

Post Office tips and deadlines for holiday mailing

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo - A true test of patience and the ability to not procrastinate is going on right now.  The lines at mail facilities across the country are full to overflowing with people in line waiting for help at the counter.  It is also Cyber Monday.  You may be among the millions who are going full out with their online shopping. 

Ron Perry with the U.S. Post Office isn't surprised with the long lines, "Every Monday for the rest of the mailing season is going to be like this and some times it will be all week long.  Number one don't procrastinate and number two be patient."

Gundi Grigoleit is one of those in line.  She is not sending a holiday gift just yet.  Gundi has a very important gift to send, "I'm sending a 50th anniversary gift to my parents in Germany." 

Ron Perry tells me that it's important to keep certain deadlines in mind for your holiday shopping for delivery by December 24th.   The deadline that is creeping up right now is for military and international mailing.  The deadline is December 10th. 

The deadlines are not the only key factors to make sure your gift gets to where it is going and on time.  I've put a link to the U.S. Post Office and its important need to knows on our hot button story in our big stories section.

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