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Potential recruits rush to get "ink" off before joining Army

Proposed revised tattoo policy effect on recruits

Potential recruits rush to get "ink" off before joining Army

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo - The proposed revised Army regulations on tattoos haven't been formally released yet but there is a rush about how to get tattoos removed by future recruits.  Dr. Bob Motazedi is a board certified laser surgeon whose hearing the questions from those who want to get rid of their "ink". 

Dr. Bob tells me that the questions center around the time and cost it takes to get the body art removed.  He tells me, "Once they find out that it takes several treatments and a lot of time to get rid of tattoos, they get frustrated and upset."  Dr. Bob says  the duration to get rid of the unwanted tattoos also depends on the thickness of the ink that was used to put it on, "If the ink is very thick or professionally applied, it will take several treatments to get through that.  If it's thin and homemade, it may take two to five treatments to get it removed."  

Every time the laser is used on a tattoo it takes the top layer of skin and shatters it into smaller pieces.  Dr. Bob has to allow time for the body to pick up those pieces and carry them away.  It's typically at least a month between durations so that the ink from the tattoo can be cleared away and then the doctor can get to the next layer.

Reportedly, the new Army tattoo policy means no body art above the neckline and below the knees or elbows.  The new policy on the placement of the tattoos will only affect those who sign after the policy is signed into the regulations.

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