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Pothole help could be on the way

Pothole help could be coming

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Ask a handful of drivers in Colorado Springs about where the worst potholes in town are and you will likely get a handful of different answers.

The most potholes per capita in a short stretch may be on Mark Dabling Blvd.

"It's terrible, there are potholes everywhere," Danisha Chavez said.

"I have to swerve in and out to avoid the potholes," said Jennifer Shabeck.

Chavez and Shabeck drive the road often to watch their kids play ball at Goose Gossage Park.

"Typically you worry about balls but now you have to worry about the potholes," Shabeck said.

"The roads are in the worst condition I've ever seen them," said Steve Cox, the Chief of Staff for Mayor Steve Bach.

Cox says the $2 million dollars in emergency funds the Mayor requested to fix the potholes needs to be approved as soon as possible.

"It will take at least 30 days from when the City Council approves the funds for us to send out contracts and hire contractors," Cox said.  "It's to get ahead of the curve and to do more."

Cox says the money will hire private contractors who will catch up with pothole repair while city road crews work on regularly assigned maintenance. 

"By the first part of May we could have the extra crews out helping the street department.  Sometime in August is when we expect to be caught up," Cox said.

Cos says the Colorado Springs City Council can approve the emergency funds at their April 8th meeting.

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