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Pothole problems resurface in Colorado Springs

Melting ice, snow uncovers small craters on roads, streets

Pothole Problems Resurface in Colorado Springs

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Potholes weren't a big concern for street crews earlier this season, but the situation has changed after a week of ice and snow has melted from roads and streets.

Many drivers said they're seeing more and larger potholes, and that their vehicles are being damaged by potholes.

Crews with the city's Streets Division have a priority list for pothole repair based on which were reported first and which are the worst.  Crews begin renewing their repair efforts on Monday.

One of the worst areas for potholes is near a roundabout on Northpark Drive, near Interstate 25 and Garden of the Gods Road.  It's one that driver Christina Starkey is familiar with.

"I've been driving over it for a few weeks if not months," she said.  "(Workers) have put some patches on it but I consider that a waste of money because it's like putting a Band-Aid on a hemorrhage.  They have to fix the water issue that's causing it first.  Then they can patch it up."

Another driver, Joe Barry, said he's seen vehicles damaged in that area.

"We usually see lots of hubcaps," he said.  "People don't slow down.  They drive through here fast."

Brian Buresh, who posted a comment on the KRDO NewsChannel 13 Facebook page, said he recently blew two tires on the potholes there.

Corey Farkas, manager of the city's Streets Division, said city workers will be on the site soon.

"We'll be out and hitting those potholes," he said.

Farkas said workers usually respond to a report of a pothole within a week, and that the city patches between 25,000 and 28,000 potholes each year.

But is that enough?  Starkey doesn't think so.

"Our taxes should be used toward that -- maybe instead of something else," she said.  "I'd even be willing to increase my taxes a little bit, knowing that it'd be taken care of."

City residents who want to report potholes can call the Streets Division at 719-385-ROAD (7623).   Residents also can download the "GoCoSprings"app from the city's website, http://www.springsgov.com/Page.aspx?NavID=3473.

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