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Power outage become snow day in Rye, Colorado City

Rye, Colorado City kids get unexpected snow day

COLORADO CITY, Colo. - A power outage in Rye, Colorado City, Beulah, Colorado City and parts of Huerfano County caused 5 schools to send their students home.

That included Rye High School and Rye Elementary.

A reported 13 inches of snow didn't cause problems on the road but in the classroom. When kids arrived to school the was no power.

"The hallways were pitch black and if you wanted to go somewhere you had to take a flashlight," said Cheyenne Neal, a fourth grader we found sledding.

Neal said she would rather have finished the school day because she wanted to finish an art project before Halloween.

A spokeswoman for San Isabel Electric blamed the outage on the weather. She said snow gathered on trees causing limbs to break and snap the power.

The problem was identified by mid morning and most of the 4,000 customers had their power back by noon.

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