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Preventing abductions: Springs martial arts school offers free classes

Free classes entire month of June

Protecting yourself and your kids from abduction, asssault

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - With kidnappings and child luring in the headlines daily across the country, a Colorado Springs martial arts school wants to give kids the tools to protect themselves.

The best part, the training won't cost you a thing.

Isaac Costley, owner of CFMAF Martial Arts and Fitness, is giving free classes for the entire month of June.

"Regardless if you're a millionaire or if you're struggling financially, you're worth it, your child is worth it, and we're going to give you that knowledge. No payment at all," Costley said.

Costley said his school focuses on techniques that can be used in real-life situations.

"There's a difference when techniques are being taught that are pretty and pretty effective," said Costley. "I don't care how you look out on the street, I just want to make sure, if you're being attacked, you're going home. Which means we have to be real with our techniques."

He demonstrated with 6-year-old student David Jamison. David first used "pretty" techniques showing how he would flip someone. Then he demonstrated what he would really do if an adult tried to abduct him, hitting Costley in the face, wrapping himself around his legs and running away yelling, "Fire!"

"It's to draw attention and make it longer so you can get parents to take care of it," explained David.

David's parents have started training with all four of their little boys, the youngest only 1-year-old.

"I feel like it's something anyone should get involved in," said David Jamison. "Especially small children.  You want them to be able to know what to do if someones tries to take them away or apprehend them."

In addition to those free classes in June, CFMAF is hosting an afternoon event called "Not In Our City" on June 15. There will be self-defense workshops, free food, a bouncy castle and giveaways.

The school is located at 2361 N. Academy Blvd. CFMAF requests that people RSVP if they want to attend free classes. For more information, click here.

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