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Property tax hike fails in Fountain

No new fire station, now what?

Property tax hike fails in Fountain

FOUNTAIN, Colo - It's back to the drawing board to decide what's next since a property tax hike in Fountain failed.  It was to pay for a new east Fountain fire station and new staff.

Fire Chief Darin Anstine tells me, "We explained over and over, our problem of getting staff to people in a quality amount of time.  It kind of shocked and disappointed us at how it turned out."

Chief Anstine said this fourth fire station would have been a significant help to dramatically reduce response times for his firefighters and paramedics.  He said the growing east side is increasing response times.  He illustrated the point by referring to what happened on Saturday in Fountain, "We had a house fire going on, everyone was there.  Three fire stations working this one.  Three blocks away we had someone with difficulty breathing.  We didn't have anyone to send and had to call American Medical Response from Colorado Springs to handle that call for us." 

Chief Anstine says in some cases response times because of travel times are nine minutes or more.  He believes the new station would have cut those times to five minutes.

Chief Anstine told me he's now going to sit down with the Fountain City Council and try to come up with a solution since the tax hike didn't get approved. 

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