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Proposal Aims To Change Campaign Finance Regulations

Colorado Spring, Colo. - After some major confusion during the 2011 municipal elections Colorado Springs is taking steps to change and clarify campaign finance disclosure rules.

The proposal was discussed at city hall on Monday.

One council member says she went through that confusion herself...and that she wants to ensure the new proposal is simple and clear....for the next municipal elections.

Council woman Brandy Williams had the most questions about the campaign finance proposal during the meeting. As council went through the document, Williams said her strongest critique was that the proposal took directly from state campaign finance laws too frequently, and she wanted points that were more relevant for local elections.

"When we ran last time there were a lot of questions. What we can't do? What we can do? What we were told. What we are doing now is making an attempt to clean up those issues, so I want to make sure we do it right," said Williams, who expressed frustration over the lack of clarity when she ran for office.

Council will vote on a first reading Tuesday.

City Attorney Chris Melcher said he wants the community to be able to more clearly understand campaign finance rules.

"I think we have tried to draft the ordinance that people who run for office will be able to easily understand what the requirements are. We have also made sure that the community receives the information they need, transparent information," said Melcher.

This proposal indicates that candidates can accept funds from corporations or groups and there is no limit to the amount of money they can receive. It also indicates that there will be uniformity in the forms candidates must fill out and a clearer timeline to handle complaints.

If the proposal passes it will not have an effect on November elections, and it will only impact municipal elections.

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