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Proposal to reduce water bills in Arabian Acres

Numbers being crunched

Proposal to reduce water bills in Arabian

NEAR DIVIDE, Colo - The Arabian Acres community may have a solution to its present water crisis.

Following a "positive and productive" two hour meeting Tuesday afternoon (12/3/13), a credit analyst will crunch some numbers to try and come up with a compromise to an ongoing problem.

Property Owners Association President, Jim Nash calls it the "crossing their fingers stage". He is pushing an idea that would dramatically cut water bills in his subdivision.  The Water Board voted to jack up rates by at least 200 dollars per home and property owners.   It was to make up for two hundred thousand dollars that's missing from the district. A former water administrator may be linked to the vanished money.  Nash told KRDO's Eric Singer how the water board's decision to recoup the money affected rates for property owners, "In my particular instance, 91 percent of my bill is a set fee and only nine percent is water usage.  That doesn't work out here."  The new two month rates went out on the December bill.  We've been following this story for several weeks and now there is this new development.

On paper, here's how Nash's idea would work, "My new proposal is going to raise usage fees but then bring down other fees.  In my case it would go from the new bill of approximately 335 dollars to 248 dollars.  It also allows people out here to have more control over their bill by how much they conserve.  I believe some of the large water users can trim some of their bill and hopefully that will happen" 

Nash's idea does raise rates but not to the level of a recent water board decision on water bills. It's that idea the credit analyst will take a closer look at to see if it is viable.

A follow-up meeting is expected next week where a compromise may end the dispute. KRDO will update you once we know more.

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