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Proposed furlough notices being received

Thousands sent notices

Proposed furlough notices being received

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo - A big pain in the wallet is going to be felt soon in southern Colorado.  Thousands of people have gotten the proposed furlough letters in the mail. 

Unless Congress solves the budget problems these civilian workers on military installations or other government facilities will be affected by losing one day of week of pay from July 8 to September 21.

"CJ" didn't want to be identified. He's a government worker on a military installation. 

"Today I'll start calling creditors and saying, Hey I'm going to be losing 20 percent of my pay with this furlough and if you don't get the payment on time, don't get mad at me," he said.  

CJ will be losing $1,000 a month if the furloughs go through as promised.

"Renee" is in the same boat about furloughs, but her family is getting a double whammy:  She and her husband got furlough notices.  For the time that both will be out of work they'll be losing $10,000 out of the family budget. 

Renee said it's also more than the money.

"My troops are going to be stressed enough as it is.  We've got deployments and everything else and now they are going to have to pick up the slack," she said.

Both agree Congress has to do something immediately to prevent the problem from happening to them and thousands of others.

I called Republican Rep. Doug Lamborn's office to get his take on what can be done to prevent the furloughs from happening.  Staff member Catherine Mortensen relayed what his thoughts are on the situation.

"Congressman Lamborn continues to call on the Secretary of Defense to allow the defense agencies discretion in managing their budgets to avoid furloughs. The Obama Administration is instead mandating furloughs, that in many cases, may not be necessary.

The Congressman is also closely tracking the practical impact of furloughs to ensure that public safety is not compromised. He will be monitoring to ensure agencies are granting appropriate waivers for employees who work in public safety. "

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