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Prostitution and drugs in Co. Springs

Prostitution and Drugs

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Colorado Springs police said they did participate in a national prostitution bust. There were nine prostitution arrests in Colorado Springs. Pueblo made 10 arrests during the same bust.

KRDO NewsChannel13 went into one of the areas in Colorado Springs  known for its crime and prostitution, and asked business owners if things have gotten better over the last few years.

People have their own ideas about safety along S. Nevada Avenue.

For Jacie Walton, walking here alone at night is a bad idea.

"No, I don't think I could do it. I would at least have to have a group of friends with me to feel safe. I don't know. It's a little sketchy," said the woman who works in a thrift store along S. Nevada Avenue. during the day.

 A decade ago, the area was anything but safe. Prostitution arrests alone were high-- 82 in 2003.

The Colorado Springs Police Department worked to clean up crime, and in 2008, prostitution arrests dropped to the single digits, and CSPD said that is where they remain.

KRDO NewsChannel13 spoke with business owners who work along the area. Most of them did not want to be identified, but said they don't think things have gotten much better since 2008. That's the last time KRDO NewsChannel13 did this story.

Business owners and employees said they have seen it all-- possible drug deals and prostitution around dark corners. People identified an abandoned motel as a problem area. Walton works at a store nearby and she has seen people sneaking around the abandoned property.

"I see it about five times a day. Just random people go back there for about 30 minutes, and then they will come out," said Walton.

Police said they have turned up the heat, but another reason prostitution arrests are down on S. Nevada Avenue is that people now just use the Internet.

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