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Pueblo celebrates summer time

Pueblo Celebrates

PUEBLO, Colo. -

It's the stuff summer nights are made of; boat rides, live music, food and prizes.

Friday night, Pueblo kicked off the season.

"It's my first time for riding on the boat," said Taylor Gallegos.

 By the looks on their faces, it was easy to see, it wouldn't be their last.

"It was pretty cool, I didn't know where I was going to go, but now I know," said Ava Ruybalid.

It was also an opportunity for grandparents to do what they do best, spoil.

"We came out here so Ava could have her first boat ride. It was an experience I think she would like a lot," said Michelle Madrid.

"I liked it a lot and that's all I want to say," said Ava Ruybalid.

She didn't need to say much more. 

Outside, it's all about the boat rides and prizes. Inside Pixie Stix, it's about getting down to business.

"When they have all the festivals, we just increase with business," said Veronica Salaz, owner of Pixie Stix..

The Director of  The Historic Arkansas Riverwalk of Pueblo said businesses on the riverwalk increase their revenue by 20 percent during festival season.

For Salaz its more than that, much, much more.

"We are out about 400 percent, yeah, no joke, at what we normally make," said Salaz.

Whether you were working, enjoying your first boat ride, or maybe even on a date, Friday night was the declaration of summer for Pueblo.

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