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Pueblo City Council expands places people can smoke pot

Pueblo City Council expands places people can smoke pot

PUEBLO, Colo. - Pueblo City Council passed an ordinance Monday night that would allow people to smoke marijuana outside on private property.

Council members passed amendments on a proposed ordinance addressing marijuana consumption on private property.

The amendments adjusted buffer zones around homes. Smokers must stay 25 feet away from public property -- like streets and sidewalks -- in the front of the home. Smokes must stay 10 feet away from public property -- like alleyways -- in the back of the home. Homes that were granted a variance and built closer than 25 feet to a public space would be an exception. The bufffer zone was reduced to 5 feet for smokers on mobile home properties.

The amended ordinance passed with a 5-2 vote.

Some city council members pushed for the ordinance to reduce people's exposure to secondhand marijuana smoke because previously smokers were forced to stay inside.

It's been a topic of debate among City Council members. However, no one from the public weighed in on the ordinance when council opened up the floor for public comment.

There were less than five people in the audience when council discussed the ordinance. Council President Sandy Daff was surprised by the turnout.

She said a lot of people used to show up to city council when items on its agenda were related to pot.

She said empty chairs at Monday's meeting said a lot about the community's changing attitude toward pot.

The ordinance is similar to an ordinance adopted in Denver related to marijuana consumption outside on private property.

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