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Pueblo City Council reevaluating pot on planes

Pueblo City Council reevaluating pot on planes

PUEBLO, Colo. - Pueblo City Council is reevaluating whether passengers can fly out of Pueblo Memorial Airport with marijuana.

Passengers can leave the Pueblo airport carrying the legal limit of marijuana but none of the cities the airport flies into allow passengers to possess pot.

"In theory, an individual could board an aircraft in Pueblo and then catch a flight to Albuquerque and they could take their marijuana with them," said aviation director Mark Lovin. "They're subject to prosecution not only in Denver at this time but certainly at their arrival in Albuquerque."

Four flights head out of Pueblo to Denver every day. Denver International Airport has already banned marijuana on its premises.

"Allowing folks to fly out of our community with marijuana is inconsistent with being a good model for the rest of the state and the country," said Pueblo County Commissioner Sal Pace.

Lovin said it's up to city council to decide whether to ban pot at the Pueblo Airport. "I don't have the jurisdiction to enforce laws or rules," he said.

City Manager Sam Azad said the city is working on its policy so it can be consistent with other Colorado airports.

The Pueblo airport averages two to three out-of-state flights a month. Even though passengers face a felony if they take marijuana out of Colorado, no airport official at the Pueblo Airport is stopping them.

"I think that opens the door to the feds looking at our community or Colorado as a whole and putting a target on us for federal action," Pace said.

Lovin said he hasn't heard of anyone trying to fly with pot in Pueblo this year, but he said the city needs to stay ahead of the issue. Lovin plans on putting up signs this week reminding people they cannot fly into Denver with marijuana. The city is working with the airport on its policy.





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