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Pueblo community comes together raising money to get run chairs for kids with special needs

Running and biking to raise money to buy run chairs

PUEBLO, Colo. - The Pueblo community has banded together to help two special needs kids to make sure they can keep racing with their loved ones.

The Adventurous Sole teamed up with Ainsley's Angels to have a Pot Luck Fun Run Fundraiser to raise money for two run chairs for 15-year-old Clayton Melster and 7-year-old Katie Verdecchia.

Melster is in a chair because of a birth defect, while Verdecchia has a seizure disorder, but one thing they both have in common is their parents say they love to run and bike with their loved ones.

"It's seeing him. He loves it and the interaction and joy he brings to other people," Melster's father Toby Melster said.

"She's smiley, she's giggly, she's just loves it and enjoys it so much," Mary Alicia Verdecchia said. She is Katie's mother.

Since both of them are looking for upgrades to enjoy the ride while they are racing, runners and cyclists wanted to raise more than $7,000 for run chairs so that Melster and Verdecchia can keep racing.

"The kids are excited to be out and participating, so we are trying to help them be more involved," organizer Liz Bush said.

The event raised $800.

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