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Pueblo County expected to make extra money from marijuana sales tax

Extra money expected from retail pot

PUEBLO COUNTY, Colo. - Recreational marijuana has been a cash cow for Pueblo County.

The county predicted it would bring in about $400,000 from the 3.5 percent sales tax it put on the sale of recreational pot. Now the county attorney is expecting to surpass that number.

The $400,000 is for the county's general fund, but anything extra has to be in the form of a refund according to Colorado law.

"The revenue has exceeded what was originally estimated," County Attorney Greg Styduhar said.

People around Pueblo County have ideas on how to spend the money.

"These secondary roads should be paved in Pueblo West," Carl Brower said.

"I feel it should go to the education system," Matthew Hawkins said.

But the county has its own way to spend the extra money -- one way is by making marijuana cheaper to buy.

"A temporary rate reduction to recoup the excess of $400,000," Styduhar said.

Another option is to refund the money back to the voters.

Regardless of what is chosen, the county commissioners said they will listen to the people of Pueblo County on how to spend the leftover cash.

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