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Pueblo County sheriff accepts governor's apology over gun bills

Pueblo County sheriff accepts governor's apology

PUEBLO COUNTY, Colo. - Governor Hickenlooper's apology to Colorado sheriffs about signing gun bills before talking with them has created backlash among gun rights supporters.

Pueblo County Sheriff was in Aspen last week when the governor apologized to the sheriffs, stating that he didn't find out the sheriffs wanted to meet with him until after the fact.

"We certainly could have done a better job. I'm not trying to defend this, but I didn't know the sheriffs were trying to talk to me until a week after," Hickenlooper said.

Taylor said the governor's comments showed courage and leadership.

"I think the governor's visit to the sheriffs was an effort on his part to rebuild relations with the sheriffs."

But the debate sparked when the Montezuma County Sheriff's Office posted on Facebook: "The governor admitted his office did not research the gun legislation until after it was passed."

The governor's spokesperson, Eric Brown, said the governor's office did research the bills before they were passed.

"I think he came in an effort to rebuild relations with the sheriffs and, unfortunately, a small portion of the sheriffs have decided to use this as a political football," Taylor said.

But it was another comment the governor made to the sheriffs that left many angry and confused.

During the meeting last week, Hickenlooper said, "One of my staff made a commitment that we would sign it if it got passed, to be honest no one in my office thought it would get through the legislature."

Victor Head, who led the effort to oust former state Sen. Angela Giron (D-Pueblo) said Hickenlooper's statement demonstrates a lack of leadership.

"To just go on the word of a staffer and say well, they committed so I guess I'll do it, regardless of how I really feel or what the information states -- it shows lack of spine, honestly. There's no leadership there," Head said.

Had the governor spoken up sooner, Head said there's a possibility it could have prevented a recall election.

"If he would have been more involved, there could have been a different outcome and yeah, how crazy, it would have changed the whole political landscape of Colorado," Head said.

KRDO NewsChannel 13 contacted Giron and former state Sen. John Morse (D- Colorado Springs) for comment but did not hear back.

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