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Pueblo County welcomes pot enthusiasts on 4/20

4/20 Pueblo Gathering

PUEBLO COUNTY, Colo. - Pueblo County is welcoming pot smokers with open arms on 4/20.

Pot customers say it feels like Colorado is the center of acceptance for pot. Pueblo County was in the spotlight on Sunday (4/20/14).

There was no public consumption of pot at The Spot, formally Nature's Remedy, but plenty of partying for locals and out-of-staters.

A glass blower entertained customers as well as a DJ at The Spot.

"I'm excited. It's been great all weekend," said The Spot General Manager Rick Hopper.

Pot smokers have been celebrating 4/20 for years and years, but Sunday it was extra special.

"It's legal to smoke something that's been smoked for hundreds of years," said Pueblo resident Donald Hatter.

It was the first 4/20 in Pueblo County people ages 21 and up could buy the cannabis crave.

"I was on a hemp for victory tour in 1994 with the founding father Jack Harrah who passed away. So this means a lot to me and for the people who struggled to get us to this point," said Hopper.

The marijuana madness brings people from far and wide.

"[We're here] to support the Amendment 64. When we heard about it last year, we just wanted to come down," said Kansas resident Roger Bremmer. 

"I was coming back from Mexico like I say. I thought I'd take a detour through Colorado for the gummy bears," said Iowa resident Cliff Bertling.

Although it's not the turnout Denver gets, Hopper said shops are seeing a lot of people stopping in Pueblo. He also said Pueblo and Colorado Springs are going to benefit from the sales.

"An influx of people from out-of-state moving in to partake in legal marijuana here in Colorado," said Pueblo resident David Freilino.    

The potential for pot partaking is just want pueblo county's been hoping for.

"It's our New Year's Eve. So it's a really big celebration today," said Hopper.

Pueblo Police told KRDO NewsChannel 13 on Sunday afternoon officers had not given out any tickets or citations that weekend for any pot related problems. The Pueblo Sheriff's Office says it had not given any tickets yet either.

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