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Pueblo emergency crews get a head start to teach kids safety this summer

Summer safety

PUEBLO, Colo. -
Pueblo emergency crews want to turn this summer into a season of safety.

Emergency teams taught kids skills to keep themselves safe.

Pueblo firefighters said the summer is when they receive the most calls.

They showed kids how to get out of a building when there is smoke surrounding them.

Pueblo County's dive team was also at the event.

Since crews are still searching for a man who is thought to have drowned in the Arkansas River on Monday, team members taught kids water safety.

"We're trying to get across that you can't breathe underwater," dive team member Stanely McFall said.

He said since the Arkansas River is on a high water advisory, the best way to stay cool this summer, until the advisory expires, is to go in a pool.

AMR's focus was on helmet safety.

AMR worker Chris McMahan said 62,000 kids suffer a head injury every year in the U.S.

"We want to promote how to be safe early in the summer so we can minimize injury," he said.

More than 500 helmets were given out for free at the event.

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